Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

Patrons Was none of that way which thrift ap= pointed. Therefore feeìng it is not the chafing. or making, but the Governing of Bifhops or Priefts that is committed to Princes, and Chrit's Law is the firit by which they mIft gooern, it feemeth to us that they, cannot oblige the St b- jeU s to take up with wicked Paftors, when bet- ter are prohibited, and are to be had. LXVII.2 t.ln thofe times and Countries where the allowed Bfhops are corrupted by ignorance, herefie, ungodlmnefs or faction, and fet them- felves to bring in an unconfcionable corrupt fort of, Minifters into the Churches, and will not ordain fit and confeionable men, or by fnares divide the Churches, and cart out the moft worthy; and impofe finful conditions on all whom they will ordain, it feemeth to us to be no Schifm to feek ordination from other B=fhops, and in cafe of neceffity at leaf}, to be ordained by fuch Presbyters as are either the fie, or chief, or equal Paftors in Parochial Churches, (efpecially in Cities ) and to perform the Of- fice of Presbyters without fuch Bifhops confenr, We here fippofe fuch Bifhops had themfelves been duely eleaed and ordained, vet a. They have their power to edification, and not to de- ffuetion. 2. We are more obliged to Chrift's intereft, and the Churches fafety, than to them. God will have mercy; rather than Sacrifice, and preferreth mens falvrarion to ceremony orChurch Laws. 3. So the Orthodox forfook the Arrian and other wicked Bifhops: Malignity and IN icked- nefs is poifon in the Clergy as w(11 as Herclie and Schifin : So as is aforefAid,Mofe5 and Martin difowned the badBifhops that were neer them; f