Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[" 41 Bithop, and that there was no foie Pallor (at leafl) but Bifhops, then he that is ordained the Paftor, (at leaf foie or chief) ofa particular Church is ordained a Bithop : The reafon is, be- caufe his Office and Power followeth the Law and Charter of Chrift that made it, and not of the invefling Miniflerial Ordainer if he would al.- ter it, or pronounce it otherwife, LXVI. 22. Not to obey Lay- Chancellours where they govern the Church by the power of the Keys, decreeingExcommunications and Ab- folutions, and performing the work of Explora- tion and Admonition belonging to Bifhops in order thereto, we take to be no Schifm ; nor to refufè fubfcribing or (wearing to filch a Govern- ment. LXVII. 23. Not facrilegioufly to defert the facred Ministry when vowed and confecrated thereto, is. no Schism. LXVIII. 24. Where fach fins are made the Condition of Min.iflration by men in power, as that all the whole Alinaflry of a Kingdom are bound in confcience to deny confent and confor- mity thereto, it is the duty of all the Minaflry in primo infante, to forbear their Minifterial Of- fice or none ; for the reafon is the fame to all For example ; If ten-or twenty untrue or un- righteous forbidden things, muff be fubfèribed, declared, covenanted, or fworn, or as many fins pra(ifed; yea were it but one, no doubt but the whole Miniftry is bound to deny Conformity to any one filch thing. Now if all thefe muff for- bear or lay down their Office, becaufe forbid- den by men to exercife it then it is in the power ofa Prince to call out Chriftianity ale fe le