Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[I151 ;leafeth, and to deny God all Publick Worfhip and we muft ask leave of Rulers that Chrift may be Chrift, and fouls may be Paved ; as if the Keys of Heaven and Hell were theirs. None that we write for, Proteftants or Papifts, will affert this. But if All muft not lay down their Miniftrÿ, why muft a thoufand or two thoufand do it rather than all the reft ? We fuppofe it will be laid; that if a thoufand fhould refufe Conformity, all might continue their forbidden Miniftry ; but if two thoufand only of ten thoufanci fhould deny Con- formity, thefe two thoufandmilt lay down, 6ecauf . the reft area competent fupply to the Churches. Anfw. But thefe be but unproved words. I. How fhall we be lure that other mens finning will abfolve the two thoufand innocent front their duty ? If in thefit Infant it be confeffed- ly the equal duty of all, howwill the weaknefs and fin of one part change the obligation of ali the reft ? 2. If the Churches be fbinehow (ap- pliedby mens fin, will it follow that truth and righteoufñefs in founder blamelefs men will not mend their fupply ? but muff be call out by others fin 2 ;. And where can the wit of man ever Pet bounds to fuch power of finners ? It will here be granted us, that if the molt in France conform to Popery, it will not difòblige all o- thers from the exercife of their 1V1iniftry : And who then can fay, what thofè untruths and fins are which a weak and erring Miniftry may be guilty of, which íhall ferve to difoblige the reft No man here can Pet us any certain meafiire. 4. Would it have an honeff found if it Mould be raid. .to the people, he greater part of the I Mini