Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[F17] äi11 thus confound the feire and the effe, or past the fcire before the effe, they may go on in errour, and no reafon can filence them. The thing is realy firft true or falfe, before it is known or thought fo to be; If it be true, then he that thinketh it falle is the delinquent. If it be a fin, it is not mens taking it for no fin, that will make it fo, nor difoblige the orthcdox from their Miniftry. But if it be no fin that is Commanded the Nonconfenters are in the fault. And if it be a Heretic which they ftandfor, may be hlenced. And yet we will not deny,but.if the ?eneraliry oftheMinifiry obtain their liberty by km( finall tollerable fn or errour, and the fbunde r p< rt be fey and unneceffzry in that Counts y, 1- ruac nee obligeth them to go to forne 'other place that needeth them, and never to excercTt their Miniftry where in trúe reafon it is like to do more hurt than good. I., X I X. 25. Where under any of the forefa id unjuft prohibitions the fìlenced Minif}ers and people Thal] gather no diftincî Churches, but only Auditories or Chappels as parts of the Parifh Churches, and that only where th ere is ( through the bignefs of the Parifh, or d ftance from theParifhChurch,or paucitv,or inf::flcicncy, or unfaithfulnefs of Parish PrielfS-a truc resrfry, not unchurching or fèparating from the Parifh Church, but owning it, and holding Communion with it, and promoting the reputation of the true Parifh Minifter and Communion, and perfwading others to the like, we cannot fee that this is any Sehifm; but rather their praife who fire and divide mens minds by envious clamours againft the innocent, and proudly LXX. calling others Schifmaticks. I 3