Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[1 ßo1 Minifters by fin (yea grofs deliberate lin unre- pented of) have procured the liberty of their Miniliry ; and they are enowforyou , and there- fore you mu ft hear none of thofè that refufed fo to fin, and are café out, e. g, fuppofe it were the fubfcribing of the Covenant againfi Prelacy that were made the Conditionofour Preaching here by Law : Or fubfcribing -to the Divine Right of unordained Elders and their power in Presbyte- rian Clades : If molt of the Minifters take that Covenant, Both that prove that all the relt if forbidden to Preach muffbe filent ? This were an eafie way to introduce any Errour, by for- bidding any but the defenders of it to Preach ? If ?ulian might not thus have put down the Gofpel, nor Valens have put down the Homo- oufans (as they called the Orthodox;) nor the Papiífs fò put down the Proteítants, why may Calvinifs or Lutherans fo put down one ano- ther ? As if I were bound to be a Minifter only till other men will fin ! Ob). But fuppofe that the fn be on _the filenced Minifers part, and the other be in the trutl. ddnf I. Then the filenced Minifters are not guilders of the Schifm. 2. But if it befo, if their errour be in a faall and difficult matter, not deferving filencing (as theirs Rom. 15. about meats and dales c&c) it may be fargreater Schifin in thefilencers, then in them. Ob). But ftippoje it a doubtful cafe, and one parry take contenting to be a fn, a; d the other part ¿udthe greater tante it to, be tanne, . f you may preach on becaufeyou thinkthat you are in the right, then no Here. ic(&ould ¿e filenced. Auf. This was anlivered before r.lfmen will hill