Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

LI19 the Nonconformifts are confidering to help of thers to apply it without miftake, as they (hall fee caule. We intend not, in thin the determination of the points in matter of right; nor do we here tell men (unlefs on the by in the (taring of fame few queftions, ) what it is that we account good or evil, much left, do we here give the proofs or reafons of our Caufe : That is the thing for which we greatly defire tie allowance of our Superiours ; But muft not unneceffarily prefume to do it, left we difpleafè them ; though we hear that force of them take us as not fincere, for keeping up a difference, and giving no more reafons of it : The thing which we lo greatly defire leave to do, but dare not be fo bold yet as to venture by it to difpleafè them, who con - demn us for not doing it, left their anger would be (harper to us if we do it : fo great is our difficulty between this Scylla and Charybdis. But we hope we may adventyre to open force part of the Matter of Fad, which Con- formity and Nonconformity are concerned in, that fo men may conjeFture at the Cafe them- felves ; which will be no reflexion on the Government ( barely to tell what they com- mand,) nor a challenging any of our Superiours to a difputation, nor a charging them as faulty that cannot bear it. 4 1. Matters