Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

i. Matters ofFla to he forekvcwn, to the true undeyfl,.zytdlx<<g ofthe Caufe. i. H E root of the difference between the j Old Nonconformígs and the Conformifis, was that one fort thought they Mould flick to the meer Scripture Rule and fimplïcity, and go far from all additions which were found invent- ed or abufed by the Papifts, in Dottrine, Wor- íhip and Government; and the other fide thought that they fhould Thew more reverence to the cuftoms of the ancient Church, and re- tain that which was not forbidden in the Scrip- , ture, which was introduced before the ripenefs of the Papacy, or before the year boo at leaf, and which was found lawful in the Roman Church, and common to themwith the Greek, that we might not fëem fingular, odd and hu- morous, or to go further from the Papiffs than reafon and neceffity drape us. And the Laity feemt-d no where fo fenfible of the difference, as between the way ofCeremf-ny, and tanceremonious fimplicity, and the way of our many fhort Li- turgick Prayers and Offices, and the way of free- prating from the prefent fenft and habits of the fpeaker ; while pacificatory thought both feafonably good. 2. The fad eruption of this difference among -.4..the Exiles at Fraiikjord while Dr. Cox and Mr. Horn and their parry, ftrove for the Englifh Liturgie, and the other party ftrove againft it for the freer way, is at large reported in a book called the troubles at Frankford. 3. Qzeen