Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[I 14] Laiety that followed them, received. We will not recite their words, left our intent be mifun- derftood ; neither Bifhop Bilfons inftances in what cafes Kings may be refitted by armes Nor Mr, Hookers that maketh Legiflation the natural right ofthe Body politick, and govern- ing power to be thence derived, to depend upon the Body, and to returne to it by efcheats,when heirs fail, and that the King is (ingulis Major and univerfis Minor, &c. (His eighth Book was in print long before Bifhop Gauden publifhed it, who yet vindicateth it to be Hookers own.) 7. In 1637, 1638,1639. A. Bifhop Laud ufe- ing more feverity againft diffenters than had been ufed of late before, and the vifitations more enquiring after private fallsand meetings and going out ofmens own Parifhes to hear, and fuch like, and allo the Book for fports on the Lords daces being neceffarily to be read by all the Conformable Man:ßers in the Churches, and Altars, Railes and Bowing towards them being brought in, and in many places afternoon Ser- mons and Le lures pùt down, the minds ofmen before filled with the aforementioned jealoufies, were made much more jealous than before. And after the imprifonment of föme, the fl:ig- matizing of fome, and the removall ofmany beyond the Seas, and the death of more, the Nonconformable Minifters were reduced to the paucity before mentioned ; but the minds of many people were more alienated from the la- ter let of Bifhops, and the old fort of Con for- miffs more jealous of them, and more afraid of Popery, &c. than before. S. The new Liturgy then irnpofed on the Scots,