Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

Scots, with the other changes there attempted, the defignes charged on the Marg. of Hamilton, the fear of the Lords lofing the Tyths, &c. which Dr. Heylin mentioneth as the caufes or occafions of their arming there, with the pro grefs thereof, and their entring into England, and the advantage thence taken by fome Englifh Lords, to advife the King to call a Parliament . once and again, and the difcontents and proceed- ings of that Parliament againft the two Minifters of the King; for former things with filch other matters we had rather the reader took from others,than from us. We are unwilling to be the mentioners of any more than concerneth our pt efent caufe, and the things are !very com- monly known. 9. On the 23. of Ottcber, 1641. The Irifh fiiddenly role , and murdered no lefs than two hundred thoufand perlons, and Dublin nar- rowly efcaped them of which we refer the Reader to the examinations publifhed by Dr. Henry cones, fnce a Bifhop in Ireland, and to the hiftory ofSir ?obn Temple, and to the Earl of Orery's Anfwer to Mr. We. z o. The dreadfulnefs of this Mafl'acre ( fo far exceeding the French;& the news fent over that the Irifh faid that they had the Kings Commiflion and theforegoing jealoufies of the people and the Parliaments Declarations, railed in multitudes of the people a fear that the Irifh when they had ended their work there would come over hither and do the like ; and that they had partakers in Englandof whom we were in danger, and that there was no way of fafety but to adhere to the Parliament for their own defence, or elfe it would