Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[ìz.8] Parliament which tied them to meddle with no= thing but what they offered to them. 17. This Covenant and Vow was taken by the Parliament, and by their Garrifons and Souldiers that would volunrarily take it, as a teft whom they would rruft;the reft being had in fufpenfion: And after the wars; by fuch as were ordained Minifters,and by the Kings adherents when they made their compofitions ; fo far was it after- ward impofed. But many Minifters and Gentle- men refuted ir, and fo did Cronswe's Souldiers, and in many Counties few did take it. 18 How far the Parliament was from being Presbyterians, maypartly be feen in the Propo- liitions Pent from them by the Earl of Efjea w. the King at Nottingham, and partly by their defeating all the delves and endeavours ofthole that would have Presbytery fetled through the Land : We know of no places but London and Lancafhire where it was commonly taken up, and Tome little of it at Coventry, and force few fuch places. And that was only as a tolerated or commended thing, without any impofition that ever we knew of : And accordingly it came to nothing in a fhort time. 17. Till their new modelling their Army, the Parliament .had given out all C.ommif ons to their Souldiers to tight for [King and Parlia- ment.] But then the King's name was left out; which feeming to many thoufands an utter change of the Caufe, from that time many did defert them : And thereupon the Party called Seü cries flowing in to Cromwel, and his Army congiering, the power fell into their hands,who imprifòned the King, accuted and drove away eleven