Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

h` I. 1.291 eleven Members of the Parliament, and after- ward imprifoned and excluded the major part of the remaining Houle, and with the refit cut off the King, c4ft down the Houle of Lords. pre- tended a while to let up a Commonwealth (as they called it) impofed an Engagement to that Commonwealth as e tablfhed without King and Houle of LoY.ds ordered the lequeftration of the Miniflers that refuted it and ofthofè that kept not their dales of fairing and thankfgivings for the Scotifh wars which then they made. After which they caft out with (corn that rem- nant of the Gommons that had joyned with them ; and chofe themfel ves font men called a Parliament, who attempting to put down all Parifh-Minifters, Tythes and Univerfiries (the firft put to the Vote, and carried but by a few againft them) they were broke up by delivering up their CommifTion to Oliver, who was made Proteftor,and had the honour defigned of laving the Ministry, Tythes and Univerfities from the Sectaries; even from that danger into which he had brought them. 20. From the time of thefe New Caufes and Changes, efpecially the deítroving the Kings violating, and calling out the Parliament men, impofing the engagement &c. the Minifters called Presbyterian in England, Tome few com- pliers excepted ( many of whom lince Conform ) declared themfelves againft all this, and were looks upon as enemies ; though kindnefs was offered to reconcile them.Sotne were'imprifoneds many call out of their places in the ilniverfities, forne fequeftred, and Mr. Love and Mr. Gibbons a Gentleman) beheaded. Mr. Gee with the K Lan-