Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

L1 3I] againf the Army, to reftore the King, was by the Chfhsre, Lancafhire,r and Northn%ales men, under Sr. Georg -Booth (now Lord De lamere ) and Sir Tho. Middleton, who had been comman- ders for the Parliament; and was broken by the Armies Conquering them. Mr.Cook,Mr.Harrifon, Mr. Kirby, M'r, Sedd:n, fent upPriforners, and in danger of death, and other Minifters, who Pince are silenced and ruined by thole they helpt. 25. But the attempts being renewed, at the fame time, the divifion of the Oppcfers ( the -rmy and the Commonwealth Members) thook them all to pieces, and ruined them,and the new clofìare of the Old Parliamentarians, and the Royalifts, and the Presbyterians, and other Mi- nifters with the Epifcopai, ftrengthened them, and reftored theKing : The Presbyterian Of}i- °cers and Souldiers ofGeneral Monks Army con- curring with the reft, and Sir Thomas Allen then Lord Mayor (many Londen Minifters on their part counfelling him thereto) with the Alder- men and others, inviting General Adak to joys with the City herein againft the Oppofers; from whichvery day, the fèa!`es were turned,_. and all went on without any. confiderable flop, and the old ejeaed Members ofParliament first, and the Council retied pro tempore after, prepared for His Ma jefties return ; and Dr. Gawde?1, Mr. Calarny, and Mr. Baxter Preaching at the Fait of the next Parliament, (as theirPrinted Sermons thew) the King the next morning Was voted to return, and to be invited to his Fathers Throne. 6. In 1:reparütion for this,, foine Minifters now filenced, had treated with Come Gentlemen firm to the King, and with Bifñop ,cr, Bifhcp