Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[13!] Aí%ciation, in which the EpiCcopal,Presbyterians and Independants, agreed to pracîife fo much of Church Government and Mini trari' n as they were all agreed in, with mutual Love and aflifting concord, and to forbear one another in the reft, till God should bring us neerer. ( And after they added another Agreement, to Cate- chife every perfón in their Parifhes old and young, that would come to them, or receive them thereto ; and perfonally to inftru t and exhort them about the praticals of Religion, and preparation for death and the life to come) This example was prefently followed by the Minifters in Cumberland and Yetmorland, Wilt 'hire, Dorfetfhire, Effx, and going on in other Counties, till the confufions 1659 interrupted it, and the return of the Prelacie ended it and many fuch endeavours. 23. When Oliver was dead, many forts of Government were fet up in one year : Firft his fon Richard( who having never been in Arms, and being famed to be for the King, many thoup,ht he would have been re.zdy, when he could, to refign the Kingdom to him , and fpoke him fair on that account, and others becaufe they thought he would quiet the violent, and keep out utter contufion : ) After his eje&ion the Remnant of the Commons called the Commonwealth was teftored. After this they were caft out again, and a Council of State Chofen by the Army ; till the Kingdom grew to (corn them all, and was weary and afhamedof the confufions, and revived their deigns to reftore the King; 2j.. The first open attempt Qf >fited "ndea tiöi K inft