Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

1341 the prefent to be almoft healed, and the Houle of Commons gave His M `A JEST Y Publick thanks. 28 At this time the LordChancellor as a token of His Majefties Gracious favour and acceptance, offered Biftoprickr to three that then treated for Reconciliation, and Deanries to two or three of them. Of the three firft, one did the next day fave one refute it, but in a letter to him profef- finv, his gratitude, and that he was fo rejoiced in His Majefties Gracious Declaration, that if it might but be fetled by Law, he refi)lved to ufe his utmoft endeavours to perfwade all men to con- formity on thole terms, and therefore would not dilable himfelf thereto by taking a Bifhoprick, and making men think that it was not for jolt concord, but his own intereft that he wrote or pleaded : Another of them fòon accepted : The third and the two or three that had Deanries offered them, only fufpended till they taw whe- ther" His Majefties Declaration would live or dye. 29. what was done in the next attempt upon His Majefties Commiffion to agree on fuch alterations ofthe Littergie as were neceffary to tender eonfcieaces,6-c. we are to make no further mention of, then is made by the writings given, in which force body fnortly after ( in part and with many falle printings) publiflied ; _An ..addition to the Liturgie, AReply toforge former Pape-(s of the Br/hops, and an EarYeft Petition to them for the Churches Peace, e rlich were given in and never anfwered by them ( that we know o'f) forne one printed. And being in writing required by a Right reverend Biffiop then in the Çhair, as from fuperiours to lay by meer Incon-