Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

Inconveniences, and to give in thofe points which we toot to be flat fin,wegave in eight particulars the neit day as part; and by that time but one ofourarguments about one of them was half handled,and the reft ofthe arguments untouched, and the reft of the Controverted instances not rnedled with, otir CommilÏ'ion was expired And the Bifhops argumentation as Opponents, afterward, on another occafion printed. 30. Shortly after the convocation of the Clergie fetled the Liturgie as now it is Ceded : The Kings Declaration dyed : The Parliament made the At of Vmformity, by which many Mininers for not conforming to that Law were on Augufl. 24. 1662 ejeaed and filenced, on revere penalties. About Eighteen hundred of their names from feveral Counties were Mewed Mr. Calamy and others ; and force fay about 200 were omitted, and that they were in all above 2000. 31. They that had treated for Reconciliation forefaw what fad divifions were like to follow, if we werenot healed and united; and therefore in their Petition made a folemn Proteftation that nothing but thefearof f n and Gods di(plea_fïire fhould hinder them from Conformity, deprecating the woful effets of the divifion, which could not poffibly be otherwife avoided, than by force neceífary abatements of the Impofitions: and foretelling much that hath fnce come to pars, which common underftanding might eafily fee in the Caufes. 32. The perlons that were filenced were not ofone mind and meafure about all the things impofed on them. i. Some of them were K 4 Epif