Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

IMP í 140] way to union & fubmifiïon to them than before But when they faw their Teachers taken from them, and force fuch Pet over them againft their wills, who were better known to them than to the obtruders ; and when they heard of about 2000 filenced at once, this fo much . alienated them from the Bishops, that it was never fnce in our power to bring them to fo much efteem of them, and reverence to them, es might have been; but multitudes by this were r ri, en further from Conformity than the filenced Minifters. 37 The 2000 filenced were not a quarter of the Minifters of Er/gland, '.Thu were in poffefhón before the return of the Bi;iops : fo that it is evident, that above tree fourth parts of the Minifters that kept in undo the Parliament and Proteor (notwithftanding Covenant, Direaory and all) did prove Conformifrs. 38. The New-altered Liturgy was not printed and publifined till ./logrzift zd, or near it, when the Minifters were to be filenced that fitbfcrib- ed nor, and confented not : fa that we mutt needs fuppofe that they were but few Minifters in England in comparifon ofthe refs, who ever faw and read (much lets long confidered) that Book before they declared their 4ffent and Content to all things in it. Sure we are, that we that lived in London, who had it at the firff publifhing, found the time paff, or fo (hors to examine all things in it with due deliberation, that had it been blamelefs, we mutt have been filenced, unlefs we had contented upon an implicit faith. 39. Since we were filenced,His Majefties De- claration for more Liberty in Religion came out 1673, but loon died: And fince then we have been