Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[1461 viz,[?ôfie themfelves their theChild be taught his C ,ve'i t as _loon as he is able to learn, and to provide that he be taught all before recited, his Creed,&c: and all' 1.1)1% s hich a Curd/tan oleght tv k1?0117 aad believe to his furls healer'); vend teat i1e b. vari1442fly leads godly .:nd a Chri- flsan l f.: Bit they leave chcmco the Parents, 9. No man can compel another to be Godfa- ther or Godmother. r o. All fuch .undertakers that we bave known have bearn of f:Jtne of thefe fellow ng fÒrts: 1. Either 4 94"4r1ì perfons that knew not,or coc- ks that cu;ulidered not what they did : 2. Or perfons that mitiovk the fenfe of the Church, and thought that they were but the repr;Jnters of the Parents, and that what they prolnifèd,it was not th>y, but the Parents that we, e bound to perform 3.Or No4conforra:f1s ( in this point ) who purpotto beforehand to be but the Paints Rcp ,. f:rt.v ivies; and that the proem fe and obli- gation thould all be devolved from them on the Parents, though they knew the Church meant otherwifè ; and that they were not bound to the Churches fenfe; and therefore their ffandìng to her [t his is yot6r pa9tj was no content to take it for tieirparc.And none ofall thetè do anfwer the Churches tenfe in their undertaking : And if we are commonly bapt:zed and made Chrifl'ians in a way Of farf: 17o,.vt .b or Cova'nanzsnd of inch perfers, or of Erwlivocaticn, it is not well. We know not where Parents can procure any to ondcrtake this Offi:te as the Church im- pt: th r; that creairly fignirie themfèlves ale and ivi:,tr,g to perform it : we could not do it our Pelves ware we nevtr fo de,:r,,us : Perhaps fum