Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

, F1471 me Rich men might hire ethers to take their Children into their Care ara lEducalf,n, as mutt be promifed ; but 1016 would do fò for the poor? yea for 614 thepoor of .Englanol f Ard the Non- conformifts are nor idtisfied that it is lawful to engage any in a perfidious covenanting before God, when before-hand the hdve no credible fignification of any purpoíe to verform ir. Nays when the Parent ref}lverh to, educate his own Child, and not to truft him to the Prov,fion or care ofothers. 12, The Minifter Covenanting [,o ale the form in the Bóokof Common Prayer prepribed in admi niftrationof the Sacraments,and no otho] Can. 36, Wo Parent may fpeaka word in the napne of is own Child, nor to enter him there into !foe' Cve nant ofGool, nor profefs that he otfe:reth h;rn ro Baptifin by virtue of, and in con.filerice in the promiCe [I thy God, and the Gd of 1,,y feed in their Generations;] Nor to promife him- felf what the Godfathers are to promife : The words alto of the Can. 29, are rhea--; "[NoPa, c' rent floall be sp-g-d to be PRESENT; nor be cc admitted to anfwer as Godfather for his ol,r4 "Child : Nor any Goafather or Godmother frail' be fiffered to m4k ..? any other anfwer or ffeeeh " than by the Bookof Common Prayer ispreferibed in that behalf. 13. It is theGodfathers work alto (by the Li-- turgy) to take care that the Child be broppt to the Bflhop, to be confiru(vd by him (in the manner ofthe Church of England) as loon as be can fay the Creed, Lords Prayer, and ten Com- mandments, and be further infiru.7ed in the Church Catccbifrn which Gcdfdthers ufe not L 2 a t