Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[1531 way of Confirmation, i. Becaufe they find it fo like to that 'Confirmation which the Papifts have made a Sacrament, and which very many beyond-Sea Proteft.ints have written againft : vide Dallæum de confirmar. 2, Becaufe it is made the proper work of a Diocefan, and wholly denyed to the Parochial Paftors; And becaufe thofe Diocefans know not ordinarily whether the perlons be meet or unmeet to be confirmed, being ftrangers to them;for how can they know all the perfons, men, women and fuch Chil- dren of fo many Parifhes as a Diocefs loth contain : (fome Diocefles having above a thoufànd Parifhes others many hundred : One above too miles in Length, and others, very great) ? Its true, that the Minifter of the Parifh is bid to Catechife them, and to bring or fend in writing the names of fuch as he thinks fit for Confirmation. But t. This is not ordinarilydone: but Children in our time have tiled to run toge- ther to a bifhop when he came into the Country on that work, without the °Minilters Certificate or Godfathers; and none, that ever we knew of, that came for Confirmation in this manner, was refuted : And as the Bifiop never law or knew one of the multitude whom he Confirmeth, f> he taketh not time fo fir to examine them as to give him rational fatisfac`tion of their fitnefs Nor indeed can he pófíìbly do it for one ofa multitude of fo large Dioceffes,when molt great Parlher are too big tòr a prefent Minifter who is acquainted with them better than a ftrange Diocefan can be : How can a man that bath fo mány other employments as Diocefans have find .leifure, were he never fo willing,to examine fo,