Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

CI52 For luth reafons as thefe fet together, force Nonconformifts, (Lay and Clergy) take this Kneeling (while Panills about us by the fame gefture adore the Bread ) to be unlawful, who yet profefs as great Reverence to Chrift and the Eccharift as any others. But other Nonconformifts fay that they can anfwer all thefe arguments. But that they truly render the fcruples of the diífenters tollerable, and the perlons unmeet to be therefore excosmm nicate. 2. By the Canon and Rubrick, no one of thefe diffentersmutt beadmitted to the holy Commu- nion, Can. 27. Saith [No Minier when he cele- et brateth the Communion(hall wittingly adminiffer C` the fame to any,but to fuch as kneel,under pain of CC fufpenfion. ] And theMinifters Covenant to ufe " no form ofadminifirtng theSa;raments but accor- te ding to the liturgie. V.The Rubrick after Confirmation faith [ There ¡hall none be admitted to the holy Communion, till filch time as he be confirmed, or be Ready and Defirous to be confirmed. So that delire of Con- firmation in the Englifh way, is made a neceffary Condition ofCommunion. 2. The publick owning of the Baptifmal Covenant, is that which the Nonconformifts are fo far from being againft, that they take it with a.: ferions Confirmation thereupon to be the meet way of tranfition from the Infant Rate of Church-memberfhip, into that of the Adult : and the molt Congruous means ofuniting diffenrers about Church difcipline, and of preventing Anabaptiftry that can be found out. But many GJber Chriltians are unfatisfied with the Englfh way