Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

E' 5 71 fie parts of Worfbip, fo it be of our own Comp- fare ] Nor yet that we may not ufe fometime force other order than is prefcribed in the Ru- bricks, viz. I. Sometime read other Chapters than the Calender prefcribeth, becaufe that Li- berty is expreffed in the Preface to the fecond Book of Homilies : _ 2. Sometimes to give the Sacrament tofome that kneel not : .3.To baptize force without the Crofs, &c. (of hich more hereafter) Becaufe the Rubrick faith only [you fall do thus] but faith not [youfhall do no other- Put to this the former fort anfvver i.That ifany univerfal Negative (none ether) may be 'particularly or limitedly interpreted upon our own furmtfes, no Laws, Covenants or Promifes fignifie any thing, and no words are intelligible : 2, That we fì<bfcribe ftritly to this Article (to tile no other form,) But not fo to the Book of Homilies, but only that we take it for wholfom Doärine : 3. That if the Rubrick for Croffing, Kneeling, &c. exclude not all other inconfftent forms ofadminifraticn, it figniheth nothing,btit leavetli every man to his own will. 4. It is yet a greater doubt with the Con formifts themfelves, whether thefe words be not at leaft a Covenant that They will stir no ether printedprefcribed Li:troy. And fo fame think that it plainly obligeth them not to ufe thofe printed Forms which the Archbifhops and Bi- Mops have ufed to draw up and impofè, for fe- veral Publick Faits, 'I harkfgivings, and particu- k r occûfons. But others think that it cloth not bind them to'di`fchey the BiThcr s therein : but that fuck exceptions were intended though not exprefi, or at lcaf1 hzd hen irfcrtcd ifnot for- gotten. Ii. The