Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[I 5x] 11 The Ait oíUiuiformity requirerh that e e Ty Minitter that officiates " [Do andpub- " iìckly before the C ngr,guataon there affcooled, " declare his unfeigned iiifent and Confent to the CC Vfe of all tbi,igs in the Book contained andpre- fè abed, in theft words and no oth r [I .i. B. do c` here declare my unfeigned Affent and Cmfent ee to .41 and every. thing contained and prefcribed, " in and by the B>: k entituled, ne Booko f Corn- er mon- Prayer,&Adminifir,tion oftheSNacrarnents CC and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, " according to the ufe of the Church of-England, " together with the Pfdter or Pfalms of David " pointed as they are to befang o,- laid in Churches, " and the form or m goer of mak;»rsg ordaining " andconfecratiní o fBafháps,P,r iefis andDeacons:] " And page i o. [Hefl,: ll declare hisu;2feig Zed Af - "f nt ana Consent unto, and Approbation of the "faid Book, and to the tile ofall the Prayers, " Rites and Ceremonies, Forms andOrders there- " in contained and prejcribed according to the ` f o .m aforefroid. 2. The Conformifls themselves are not agreed of the meaning of these plain words, One party expounding them as the Nonconformists do, ac- cording to the propereft and ordinary ale ofthe words, and the other party °therwife. The for- mer hold that as many Acts of Parliament Con- Lein more in the body of the At than in the Title, and make the means more extenfve than the ends fo here the A SS ENT and C O N SENT to the U S E of theBook is the E N D in the first claute, and APPROBATION alfb in the iècond : And that the Declaring that form of words is the ./W4ns to that efld That fens