Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[1591 Affent.fignifirth Affe,lt to the ?Truth ] and [ Ce: fenr and iprobation ] relate to the Guodhicf, rcd:tude and :plc 3 And that this is not only of the Prayers and other parts which the fubfcribrr is to Read to the people but as is expreft [ of all things,( without exception ] Contcined in and prefcr:6ed by it ; particularly co all-the Prayers, Rites, Ceremonies, F,,rms and Orders ;. ] without collufion or equivocation.- The other hart hold, that all this fignifieth no mere, but that [ I Ahnt that I may lawfully zafe, and I Confect to ie, fo mach as btlo:,geth to my place, and that I wilt iiot tsí peaceaéiy opt op it. ] I heir argument is,, Itccarj. [ to the Utè, ] is txentoned before the Foi hi of words. To which the other anfitver as br fibre, that z. That j p+o6'tion is nientiorred after as v+dl as .'Je. 2. l har the 11cans are larger than !he end: As in the Corporation Ate, theend is the preventing of Rebll:on ; but the Means is Declaring that [ There is no obligation on me or al otherJrcrrs that Oath.] 3. That without grofs violence 4- . f nt can be judl;ed Co .mean no let's than [;f n- ting that it is tl t<e. ] 4. That here is not a word in the Book which was not intended. for (011ie Vie: .And therefore, to .rlffenr, ove and Con- fère to the Vfc,is more than meci ft to .siffctït to the Truth : The Preface hash its the ; and the Calendar its UÍè, and the Rubrick i`ts utes, and the refit of the parts their tevcral Ll es ; But did we believe it to befall;:, how could we .qprcve it,or of what `c:>fe would it he? 3. To put all out of doubt .rhe Parliament-men long ago told us (none Contra diet ins, it to u5,) that into another Bill, the house of Lords added a 1'rvvsfo that- the Decla