Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

11 Gr flr1 IPT `At 100.4V '4': T H E CONTENTS 1. H E Iteafens of this writing and thefenfti of the word CH R,CH. The various opinions offuch as wehave todo with. 3. What Churches the hold to be itflituted of God andwhat not. 4. What PrincesandPaftors may do infuckmatters. f. What feparation and What afJèrnbling or gathering Churches isunlawfuland what lawful. 6. Matters offad to be knownpreparatory to our caf. 7. Matters requiredofusfor Conformity, firfl cfLay-men._. 8. Secondly,Matters impofedon Minifiers:.4rnd I.OfAffnt, Confent, Approbation, and Canonical firbfcripzion, that nothing is contrary to the Wordof God. II. 9. Thefecond Part of the Matter of Conformity : keor- dination. IIL. Io. The third Part of the Matter cf Conformity ; of [wearing or Covenanting never to endeavour anyalteration ofChurch Government. VI. 11 . The fourthpart of the Matter; to declare that nei ther I nor any other perfon is obliged by the vow to endea- vour anyfuch alterationotChurch Government. V. i2. Thefifth Part of the Matter ; The Declaration and Oath ( as not underfiood) ofnot refifsingany Comzt a oned. VI. 13. Theftxth Part of theMatter :To ceafe preaching and adminifiringSacraments till we conform (at leafs not to preach to more than afamily and_fourperfon.,.) VII. 4. Thefeventh Part Confequentiaf,Not to come within five miles of any City or Corporation which fendeth Bur- geffes to Parliament,or oranyplace where wehavepreached to more than aforefaidli ce the Ail of oblivion. s. The Adjun£fs, andthe other Matters agreedon which affright the Nonconformifis 16. The caféand pratlice cf the Minfiers f nce they mere filenced. Additions