Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

['731 7. Some hold that the Covenant being to the faitíful and their feed, and their children being holy, ail the children of fincere Chriftians are cer- tainly in a ttate of falvation,being by the parents . intentionally dedicated to God before or with- out Baptifm : And that Baptifm is but their fe lemn invettiture in that ftate which was theirs by right before. 2. Others think that this right to falvation belongeth to the Children of all profeffed Chriftians godly and ungodly, 3 Others think that it belongeth to all Infants in theworld. 4. Others think that it belongeth only to fin-, cere believers Children that are Baptized. 5.- Others, that it belongeth to found and un-; found Chriftians baptized Infants. 6. Others that it belongeth to all Baptized Infants whof. fbevër. 7 Others hid that it belongeth alto to the Children of fincere Adopters or Proprieters. 8. Others that it belongeth to fuch as even bad Chriftians acàoc t or own. 9. Others that they that have fincere Godfa- thers, though not Pro r. tlrs, are laved. to Others that 'even unfound or hypocritical Chrittian Godfathers, may fuíñce to their falva- tion. I I. Others that the Minifters or the Churches fincere (or profelTed) Faith is hereto fùificient. I2.. And others think that only the ECèEt are faved, of whom fome are baptized, and lomé unbaptized, but no man knoweth who theyare. Out of all thefe Opinions the Convocation hath chofen one, as, an Article ofFaith of nadottbr,%i, Certainty by the Word of God. 13. The