Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[174) 1 3· The Nonconformifts know of no- Word of God which afcertaineth Salvation to any known determinate Infants, but the great Co– venant ofGrace, [/ will6e thy God, and t ·he God vf thy feed;] which feed God ufeth as if they were parts of the Parents, Exod. 34· 6, 7. ancl fecond Commandment: And faith to Believers [Elfe were your ci:Jildren unclea~J; but now, &c. . 14. Many Divines fay, 'that Faith it felf hath ·'not evidence; (though we think that it hath evi– dence of the Truth of the Revelation, though the thing revealed be not vzftble or evident in it felf :J And more confefs that [undoubted certainty] is not Effential to the faving belief ofChritt, and of a life to come : And that true Faith may be fa– ving, though weak : And tha·r Chrift filenced not his Difciples when he rep-roved the weaknefs of their Faith: And that to doubt of this Article about Infants is not fo dangerous as to doubt ofChrift or Heaven. IX. All M~nifters muft deny Baptifm to thofe Infants that have no Godfathers and God– mothers as aforefaid, · though their Parents be true Chriftians, and otfer'ltllem to Baptifm. .For this is the only order·or form ofBaptizing there defcribed, all other is. forbidden, and we fub– fcribe to tife no other form 'in adminiftration .ofthe Sacraments. 2. Yet !orne Conformifts fay, that the Book bindeth them to do thus, but not to· omit it, and baptize no otht:rwife. But others of them fay, I. That the Rubrick determineth•that [for every child to 6e 6aptiz..ed, there]halt be three as Godfathers and Godmothers)nd that the whole Office re~)ecteth thell) ·as Parties, arid fpeaketh to them~ and admitteth no :Pare·nt to fpeak ; and · - --- ·· that-