Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[i 6 thers. 7, Some fay that it is not the Mini ier that refufeth them, bnt the Church which ma&eth the Law: But others fay, that it is both the Lawmakers, and the Minijeer, unlefs we could prove that Baptizing and judging whom toBap- tize is none of the Mtnifters office, no nor the Bifhops but that the Prieft is to baptizeall, and only fuch as the Law or Convocation bids him baptize, .as a meer executioner, and the Bithop alto fuch as he is appointed by the fame Law. That elfe the fame Rule would hold for his Preaching, Praying, &c. X. The like proofs (which we need not re; peat) will Phew, that no Minifter muft baptize any perfon, Infant or Adulr,without the tranfient Image of a Crois, and that to this we muft af- fent and confent, and.fubfcribe to baptize in no other form. 2. And the fame reafons aforegiven thew how great a penalty this is, as excluding them from Ch'riftendom and Salvation in the Churches judgment, or from certainty at leaft. 3. Some Conformifts fay here alto, that they afient only to baptize with the Crois, but not to baptize no otherwife : But others of them re- prove this expofition from the Rubrick, and the aforec'ted Canonical Subscription, as that which would leave the Prieft at liberty to do almoft what he lift, when the Church thinks that they have obliged him, and his Subfcriptionbath fe-: cured his Obedience. 4, And Come of them fay, that it is not the Prieft that refufeth them, for he would Baptize them ( with the Crois ) if the parent fent the Child or the Aaidlt perjn c mc, But we need. nor 1`triv!