Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[I75] that if 4ffetiting to, Approving and Contenting to this form and Rubrick, and fùbfcribing a Cove- nant to ufe no other form, liignifie not that we will tsfe no other,no words can bind fuch equivocators. 3 In the fence of the Liturgy,toput Infants troni 'Baptifm, is todeny themChríflendasn,mesnberfh p ofChrifft, tobe childrenof God, and to be heirs ,of .Ifeaven : For the Catechifm faith, that we are made filch in Baptifm, which with the Rtibrick which denyeth them Chriftian burial, and that laft mentioned which affirmeth the undoubted falvation of the baptized, import a denying falva- tion to all that-have not filch Godfathers, with- out Parents fponfion : or at leaft a denying them [certainty of undoubtedfalvation] when it was in thepower ofthe Convocation or Prieft to have given them fuch certainty. 4: The Conformais donot affirm .(that we know of) that any word of God doth inftitute or command the ufe of fuch Godfathers, or the foredefcribed exclufioti of theParents, much lefs both: And leaf( of all that it maketh thefe neceífary to Chriftendom and Salvation, yea or Church-reception : But it is ufed as a Tradition or Law of men. S. The Not}çonformifis therefore dare neither Affcnt to/Approve, Content to, Covenant, or Prat`tice the refufàl of the Children, of true Chriftians from Baptifrn., the Church and Salvation, on filch a carafe as this. 6. The Anabaptifis hence are hardened, and fay, that if Infants may be denied Baptifm, till they have filch Godfathers as God never inflituted they have no' right to it at all, and they may deny it them till we prove God's inffïtution of Godfathers; efpecially where their title is laid r,pcn filth Godfa- thers.