Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[ I9 SECT. IV, What Princes andPafiors maylclo i4 fisch matters. L iefe forelaid General Laws of God do both give the Riders their Power for deter,mining things committed to them, and allo l,rnit their power therein. H. There General Lavirs are , that Al things be done to Edification. (the circu nfances fitted to the End, the Glory or God, and the 13,4- 1;:eß, Good,the promoting of7'ruf h and Godlinef;) that all be done in Love, ta the promoting of Love and `Unity ; and that all be done in Order and Decently, arid as may avoid offence or lcan- dal to all, both thole without, and thole within. ad. 6. 15, t 6. flail. 3. '5,16. I Cor. I ,. 1, 5 2, 26, 17, Rom. 14. 19. & 15. 2. s Car. IC). 23. Epbef. 4.: 12, 16, 19, 2 Cor. 12, 19. & 6. 5, & 1 I. 7. 1 Cor. 8. 13. III. Therefore no Rulers, Civil or Eccle- fiaftieal, have their power to fcandalize and deftroy, but only to edfie, being the Minifters of God for good, Rom. i3. 3, 4, Ç. à Cor, io. 8. & 13. O. [V. The great Dif>ute is ( handled excel- lently againft the Papiffs for Kings by B Poop Bilfan of Chriftian Obedience, Brhop .Andrews Tortura Torti, Brfhop Buckeridgge, 5palaten1is, and many more) whether the Kings of Cbriftian Kingdoms have not the fame power about Chit.rch- matters, as the Kings of lfrael and luda.h had C A (David,