Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

20 ] (David, Solomon, Hezekiah, Yoliah, &c.) which cannot be anfwered by an only Tea or Nay,with- out a more particular confideration of the com- pared Cafes. V. We fuppofe it certain that Chriftian Kings have no leffer power than the Kings of If- rael, except i. What any fuch King had as a Prophet, or in peculiar , by an extraordinary grant. 2, And what alteration is made by alte- ration ofChurch-offices, Laws, andWorfhip,which may make a difference ; of which hereafter. VI. And I. It muff be remembred tliat God then refèrved the Legiflation to himfelf, which he exercifed by Revelation, and by fpecial Prophets : And fo the Prophet Mofes delivered them that Law, which no King had power to abrogate, fufpend, or alter by adding or dimi- nifhing, Deut. 12. 32. yof r. But they had a mandatory power, and of making fomeJubordi- iate By-laws, as Cities and Corporations have from and under the King. VII. 2. Yea great and fpecial Mandates were oft fent from God by Prophets, againft which the Kings ofIfraci had nopower. VIII. 3. The Executive or yudicial ,Power was divided : part was in the Kings and Magiftrates ; and part was in the Priefts and Levites, which theKing could not ufurp him- felf (as appeareth in Vzziahs offering Incenfe,) nor yet forbid the Priefts to ufe ir, according to God's Law ; nor change or abrogate their Of- fice. For he and they were fubjef to God's Laws. IX. 4. God himfelf fettled the Hi h 'Priefihood on the line of-dam, and 4/ithe Prieft hood