Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

their work : efpecially teeing they are things fo mysterious and fupernaturally revealed, which men are to believe : And the works of Mofes's Law lay very much in ceremony and outward aftions, which a man of mean qualifications might eafily do : Bvr the great work of the Gofpel is to bring Life and immortality to light, and to Preach Chrift, bywhom came Grace and Truth, and more notably than the Law of Mofes did, to call men to Mortification, Self denial, Crofs-bearing, contempt of the World, by Faith and Hope and Love of a better World, and to bring them to a heavenly mind and life : And mens falvation is laid on this. If it were but to offer Sacrifices, and do over the task of out- ward Ceremonies, a Mafs-Priefts qualifications might ferve the turn : And if it were but to put men to death that will not be 7ews, and take their Covenant, and that draw any from their Religion, neither fo many nor fo excellent Mini- flers were necelTary : But we are under a bet- ter Covenant, even a Law of Love which is more eminently become the firft and last, the great and newCommandment, and the regent Principle in Souls and Churches ; and the num- ber and quality of the Preachers of it mutt be anfwerable. XV. As Mofes was God's minifterial Law- giver to the i rstelites , and was faithfal in all his truft ; fo Chrift is the great Prophet lik unto him, as typified by him, whom God bath railed up to his Church, whom they that hear not, {hall be cut off by God, and from that Church as he hath appointed : The L r ìflation Vnivevfal is now the work of Chrifi by himfelf, C 4 and