Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

C XIII. 8. The Priefthood then depended not on the inftirution or will of the King or People: He ,might not put out a lawful Prieft, that had not forfeited his Life or Office : He might not have put any in his place that had not.right from God, or that was unquali- fied : He might not have forbid the Fritts the work appointed them by God : But yet if he had ìnjuriofly depofed one Abiathar, and put in a Z dok, the lots had been little to the Church : But if he had depofèd fo great a number of the Priefts and Levites,as that a great part ofGod's commanded work muff needs thereby have been left undone, and- Religion fo far deßro 'ed, or had as ?eroboam, put of the bafeft of the 'people (or uncapable perfbns) into the Prieff- hood, the lot's had been greater, and the thing unwarrantable, and fuch as he had not power fromGod to do. HIV. And the quality of Mofes Law and its t1orks, as different from the Laws of Chrift, and the Works thereof; muft be confidered, that we may difcern the difference of the Cafes. A man that did attempt to draw the people to Idolatry, was then to be put to death ; yea, the Cite to be deftroved that concealed,him, Gtr, 3 fo were they that blafphemed, and fuch as committed other heinous crimes againft Re- ligion ; yea., thofe that would not enter into, or renew their Covenant with God, were by .Fife's command to be put to death : But Chrift will have mens Athcifìn, Irreligiouiñefs, Idolatry and L =i ideliry, cured by the Preaching of the Truth, t^.liic`. therefore requireth that the Preachers for number and qualification be anfvverable to their