Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

26 their confent. And as the Nature of the thing prose-h this, fa cloth the facred Scripture, ..ÍF-. 14 23. & 2. 37.38. I 7. dat. 28. tg. And fo doth the judgment and practice of Chritt's Church, for .m ny hundred years;which is fo fully proved b ,.Bloìidell, de jure plebis, and confeffed by the Papifts themfelves, and fo ex- preis in all antiquity, that we need not add the proof. Therefore no power may change this Law ofNature, and ofChráfi ; nor can they by any Law, Mandate, Choice, Ordination, Inftiru- tion, Impofition, or other act, make any man a real Paftor to that People that content not to the relation. Nor are they any true particular Churches, where Paffor and People do not con- fent. No more than the relation of Husband and Wife, Maßer and Servant, Tutor and Scho- lars, can be without confent. XXII. Chrift and his Spirit have con- manaed his A inifßers to preach the Word, to be ànJtant in fiafon and out offeafon; to reprove, re- buke and exhort, 2 Tim. 4. r, 2. And having pNt their hand to ChriJt's Plough, not to look back; and none hath power to alter this Law ofChriit, or to fuf)end it. His Minifters by his Authority preached againft the will of Princes for above three hundred years ; and fence then againft the wills of erroneous Princes who profeffed Chri- ianitTT. XXiii. If Church- Hiftory be not to be believed, the pleas thence ufed for Prelacy mutt ceafe : If it be to be believe,l,God hath wrought miracles to juftifie thof that would not ceafe Preaching, when Princes, yea Chriftian- Princes, have forbidden them : And the Church hath honoured