Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[31 XXX. Princes and Rulers may for order fake diftribute their Chriftian Kingdoms into Tarifhes, which (hall be the ordinary bounds ofparticular Churches : And fuch distribution is very congruous to the Ends ofThe Miniftry and Churches, and conduceth to orderly fettlement and peace : And experience bath Mewed us that fuch Parifb Churches where die Paftors are faithful' and fit, may live as Chriftians fhonld do to their mutual] comfort in Piety, Love and Peace : And fuch Parfp-older we defire. XXXI. But no Rulers may hence conclude, I. that Pará/Les are diftributed by God imme- diately, or that he bath commanded fuch a distribution as a thing of abj'óltue ri .ce faty to a Church ; But the General] Rules of order, and Edification do ordinarily in Chrillian Kingdomes require it. 2 Nor may any make a Par , as fuch to be a Church ; and all to be Chu: eh members that are in the Parifb, as fuch t for Atheifts, Infidels,Hereticks,& Impenitent Rebels may live in the Parifh; and many that confe;t not to be members of that or any Church And not only in worfe lands but in Ireland and in E giand, ( as part of Caner 7 ire,) the far greaten part of the Parifh ionet s are Papifts, ( who renounce the Proteftant Churches) in fóme places. XXXII. Neither dwelling in the Parifh, nor the Law of the Land, makes any Chriftian a member of that Parifb Church, vv íhcut or be- fore his own content : But prox mity is part of his extrinfick aptitude and the law of man or command of his Prince may make it his duty to ccnfért, and thereby to become a member vwen greater