Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[ Z greater Reafons mollify not that obligation. XXXIII. Parfh Bounds and fuch other hii.- mane diftributions for conveniency, may be altered by men ; and they bind not againft any of Chrifts own Laws and predeterminations nor when any changes turn them againft the good ends for which they are made; of which more afterward, when we fpeak of fepara. tion. XXXIIII. And about thefe humane Church- Laws the general Cafe muft be well confi- dered, how far they are obligatory to con fcience, and in what cafes they ceafe to bind. Sayrus, Fragofo and other the molt Learned and Moderate Cafuifts of the Papifts, ordinarily conclude, that Humane Laws bind not, when they are not for the Common good. We had rather fay, that when they are nótorioufly against the Laws of Chrift, or againft the Commongood,or are made by ufurpation without authority thereto; they bind not toformal obedience in that particular; (thoughfometirne other reafons, efpecially the ho- nour ofour Rulers, may bind us to material obe- dience, when the matter is indifferent ; and though Rill our fubjet%ion and loyalty muft be maintained. But ofthis before,and more largely by one of us, Chriftian directory, Fart.g. Chap,3. lit. 3. &c. The Council of roletum. 1355 de- creed that their decrees íhall bind none ad cul- pam but only adpcenara fee Bin.Inoc. 6th. Sect. XXXV. Kings and Magiftrates Ihould fee that their Kingdoms be well provided of publick Preachers and Catechists, to convert In- fidels and Impious men where there are fuch,and to prepare filch for Baptifine, and Church pri- viledges