Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

Its one thing to divide. from a Church, and ano- ther to caife divifions or faGticns in it. Its one thing to divide oar f lves from it,- and another to gauge others to divide, Its one thing to draw men away by words, and another to drive them away by lams or exccition, by unjuft excommuni- cation or by violent perfecutiod. Its one thing to temptaway or drive away afrgle perfon,or a few and another thing to draw or drive. away trdes.its -one thing to fi:parate from the Vniver- fat -Church, and anothr from a.particular Church, or a few only. Its one thing to reparare from the species of particular Churches, and another from. fòme individuals only. Its one thing to feparare- from the Churches of Chri[ s infatution, and another to feparate only from there of meal inßitwtion. Its one thing to frparare from fuck as men rn4ke lam-fill/Jr, and another from filch only as they make zthcut authority, and fnfuily. And here feparating from one whole finful confti- turion is raiterousagainîtChrifts prerogative (as the Papal Univerfàl U itrpation) :much differeth from feparating from one whore conftitution though fnful, is of no filch pernicioufnefs. It is one thing tò deny total Communion, and another to feparate but fecunduaáa quid for fame ire or part 9 And that is either 'a great and nece ry part or fòß e faaaail , or indifferent thing or ceremony. It is one rhing,to feparate Locally by áodiiy abfer;ce, and another mentatiy by Schif- mattcall principles-. It is one thing to. feparate- from a Church as accufing it to be no Church of Ch,zf, arç another to feparare from it only-as a true Church f but fv- Corrupted as not to be fonoaaic4ted With, Its one thing to judge its Corn