Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

391 Communion abfolutely unlawful, and another only to forfake it for a better which is preferred : Its one thing to depart willfully, and another to be si willingly cat out. Its one thing to depart rat. and in hap, and another to depart after due patience, when reformation appeareth hopelefs. It is one thing to remove upon religious reafons, and another upon Civil or Domeitical, or Cor- poral. It is eafy for a confounded head to pals over all fuch diftin'tions, and with unjuft and con- founding cenfiffes to reproach others as Schir- maticks in the dark, before he knower!' what fchifin is, being guilty of Schifm in his very accufations. But fober Chrillians muft bedif corners, and know that confufion is an Enemy to truth and love and juftice. III,ITheUnion of the Church Vniverfal is in the (even things mentioned by Paul Eph. 4. 3.4,5.6. viz. One Body, One Spirit ( of faith and Love ) One Hope ( of Glory) One Lord, Onefaith ( or Creed,) One Baptifnal Covenant, One God and Father of all. He that feparateth from this Churchdirely, is an Apofrate;Vifiîly,iffrom its Efjëntial profeffion, and invifibly if only from the inward fincerity of faith, confent and Love. This is damning feparation. And if he feparate but from force one Ef entiatl article of faith or duty, it is that which is moil. ufually and ftric`tly called Herefe ; of which we are now to fpeak no fur-7, ther, IV. 2. To make Faaions,Parties, Contentions; and Mutinies in a true Church of thrift, or in any Comtsui ity of Christians, yea or but in fami- D 4 lies,