Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

(74,C_ lies, in the Univerfal Church is a great fin, in all that are the true culpable Caufes of it, and are not only the involuntary occafions by unavoid- able accidents. V. 3. To feparate from all the particular Churches in the world, as if they 'were no true Political Churches of Chrift (as thole called Seekers do, who fay that the Miniflry, Scripture and Churches, are loft in the wildernefs,) is a ve- ry heinous fin, though fuch as do fo, renounce not their Baptifra, or the Church Univerfal. átÌ. 4. To feparate from ni moll , or many Churches by fo unchurchng thJm, is far vvorfe than to feparate from few or one; it being a greater wrong to Chrift and men. VII. s.To feparate from one upon a realn that is known to be common to all, or naot,or rany,is yirtually to feparate from all, or molt, or many. VIII. 6.To feparate from a true Church, accu- iing it to'be no true Church, is a greater injury and fin. (ceteris paribvc;) than to feparate from it only on an unjuft accufation or culpability confi- ifent with a true Church : Becaufe the charge is more odious and injurious, and tendeth more to def}roy Love. IX. 7, To accule a Church (its Doctrine, Mi- nifry, Wore)i_p or Difc! line) falfly, as guilty of fuch corruption which maketh it unlawful for any Chri/liani to have commuvion with it,or falfly to pretend filch faults for his own and others fe- paration from ir, is a great fin, though not fò great as to unchurch 8. to hold that every Error in the Do- rine, Worfhip, Difcipline, Pairors or People of Fiat Church, yea though fettled and continued, and