Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

C4ÿ ches) this were yet more aggravated fchifine. XXI.19. Iffuch Usurpers will claim a dominion or Monarchy over all the world, and unchurch, degrade and unchriflen all that will not be their Subje1s, or will impofe finful termes of Vnion upon all the Chriftian World, and declare all Hereticks or Schifinaticks, that receive them nor, and fo call out molt of the Chriftians on Earth, and all thefounder Churches, this is one of the molt heynous forts of Schifra, that the mind of man can think of. Which is the grand Schifm of the Rcman Papacy, worfe than all their interior Schifms when they had many Popes at once. XXII. zo, Iffilch Malt fend agents and emif- faries into the Dominions of Chriftians Princes or States, to draw the Subje is to that Schifete, and make them believe that Princes are by right. the Subjects of the Pope, and that men (hall be damned if they will not take him for the Bifhop orVice-chrift ofall the Worid,and keep up a rich and numerous Clergie in Chriftian Dingdornes for this ufe, and make Decrees to exterminate or "burn Chriftians, and to depofe temporal Lords that will not obey them and execute their laves, This is to maintain and profecute a Schifme againft Religious and Civil! peace, by Open hoftility to Princes and People, and to mankind. XXIII. 21. If, becaufe the Roman.Emperours and Clergie fetled five Patriarchs in the Roman Empire, of which the Roman Bifhop was the firft, and by Councils called General of that Empire, did make Church Laws ro bind the Subjecs