Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

44 Subje ts, any therefore will teach that there Patriarchs, ( and the Pope as Principiarm ttnitatis) mutt be Rulers in the dominions of other Princes, and that fuch Councils muff govern them by their Decrees and that the tlniverfal Church mutt be united in any one mortal head, whether Perfonal or Collative f fach as General Councils,) and fo would bring Chriftian Princes and people under the Laws and Government of forreigners, and brand thofe as Schifmaticks that will not fall in with fuch an Univerfal Church Pol icie, This were allo a very heinous fort of Schifm. For the Univerlal Church never did, nor will be united on fuch termes r And therefore to make fuch terms of its unity, is to make an Engine to divide it, and tear it all into pieces. XXIV. 22. If any will confine the Power or xercife of the Church Keyes into fo few hands as (hall make the Exercifè of Chrifts Difcipline impofble ( as by laying that work on one, which multitudes are too few to do ;) or (hall make Churches fògreat, and Paftors fb few, as that the moft of the people mutt needs be without true Paftoral overfight, teaching and public waPip, and then will forbid thofe people to Commit the Care of their fouls to any others that will be Paftors indeed, and fo would compel them to be without- Chrifts ordinances, true Church Communion and Paftoral help,This would beSchifmatical, and much worfe. XXV. 23. Ifany Paftors will deny Baptifns, which is their inveftiture in the Chriftian Church, to the 4dult that refute to receive the tran-