Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

Jewifh, or from the ,Infidel Heathen World. x XXXIV. 2. All Proreitants are agreed that it is no Schiíin to deny; obedience ro the Renz4n rope ; nor to deny that communion with them, which they will not have without oh,-thence To feparate from other Churches, is to deny them weer Communion; But to fêparare from the Roman as Papal, is but to deny them fubjcition, To deny any other Chriftian Church to be a true Church is Schifmatical, if they have the Effentials ofa Church : But to deny the Papal Church or Monarchy to be a true Church of Chrift's institution, is true, juft and neceffàr3', though they be Chrifltians; because we mean on- ly the Papal Church form, as it is an 71niveifal Ecclefaaftical Monarchy of the whole Clsri-ian world, which no other Church but, that Both claim. XXXV. 3. It is no Schifrn to deny Subjection to Pope,Councils or Patriacchs,ofother Kingdoma., or to any forein Power by what names or title$ foever called, wXXXVI. It is no Schism to deny that Chrift hath any fuch Visible Church on Earth as is one by Union with any Univerfal I-ead,N Per- fonal or Collefiive, betides himself. XXXVII. $. It is no Schism to Preach, and gather Churches, and elect and ordain Paftors and Affemble for God's Worship, against the Laws and will of Heathen Nahometan, or Infidel Princes that forbid ir. For thus did the Chriftians for goo years. And if there be the fame eaufe and need, it i5 no more Schism to do it against the Laws and will of a Christie; Prince. ec ufe, f, Chrift's Laws are equally obligatory; E 2, 2,. Soup