Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

50 I change, we Cannot defend this from the charge of Schifin,which puts a Congregation on fo hard a means of Concord, as to judge whether they are bound to that Pallor that was fet over them as Chrift appointed, or mull renounce him and take the other when they are Commanded. So Cyprian in the cafe of Nov, tian fayes that he could be no Bilhop becaufe another was right- full Biflop before. XXXI. 29. In EnslaEd it belongeth 1. to the Patron to prtfent, 2. to the Bithop to ordain and infiiiute and therefore to approveand inveft the people jure divino to be free Confenters, 4. and to the 11,1agifirate to proteEt and to judge who fhall be protested or tolerated under him : If now thefè four parties be for four Minifters 'or for three, or two feveral men, and cannot agree in one, the culpable diffenters will be the carries ofthe Schifin. XXXII. 3 o.Ifa Church have more Presbyters than one, and will be for one way of worfhip, difcipline or dottrine and another for another, ( as at Frankt4d, Dr. Cox. M. Horn and others were for the Liturgie, and others againft it ) fo that the people cannot poffibiv accord, it is the culpable party, which ever it be, that muff anfwerfor the Schifin. So much ofenumerated Schifins. XXXIII. On the Negative, we fuppofe that none of thefe following are Schifins in a culpable fenfe. i. All are agreed. that it is no Schifin for the Christian Church to feparate front the anckent Jwith