Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[571 are bleft, as Mr. Dods, Mr. ?ohn Rogers, Mr. no- ma: Hookrs ; Nonconformifts) or Mr. ï'illiar Fenners (a Conformift) and filch others were. Even as we fee by experience that a few skilful, prudent, experienced Phyficians cure more than abundance ofyoung beginners, who too oft kill more than they cure. We fee that the .Abafîan, .A_rnacnian, Greek and molt Popifh Countries, are lamentably ignorant ( and ufiially propor- tionably vicious) for want of a learned, pious, skilful, and laborious Miniftery. Hiilory tells us, that the Kingdom of 1,7ubia forfook Chriftiani- ty for want of competent Teachers : The indu- iiry of the Jefuits and Friars in Chinay 7pan, Congo, and other Countries.,telleth us how much they laid on the diligent ufe ofmeans. 7ofdIcoJ tells us how much the byes--Indies fuffer in Reli- gion by the ignorance and wickednefs of the. Priefts. How barbarous and fàd a flare the Em- pire oft 1"ofcovy is in, for want of able, faithful Paflors, while the Emperours put down Preach- ing,and confine them to Liturgies and Homilies, as is affirmed commonly without contradition. How mifèrable a fta'te the k07;14.11' Church; `'ea; thePapacy was in, in the ninth and tenth Ages, even Baronies, Genebrard, and the greateft flat- terers ofthe Pope lament; and this for want of . able, faithfill Pallors and Teachers among them. 2. No marl lath his power to deftrud ion, but to edification. The bozurn I'ublictrm is the end ofGovernment Therefore it is not Schififi in Sub)e -s,not to call their fiRds on notorious pe- ril of damnation, in obedience to any mortal man. Every man, ;e{pecial!;} experiensr:l Chri- ttians)