Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[ 58 1, 'Hans) have more fenfe and knowledge of what is profitable and congruous to them, than Ran- ders by have, how learned foever : As ignorance maketh a few, f1 ort, plains, oft repeated words, in a familiar ftyle, more profitable to low-bred perlons, than an accurate learned Difcourfe would be ; fo mens feveral tempers and vices maketh that matter and manner of Preaching profitable to them, which to others feemeth otherwise : And as a nice Lady mutt not tie her family of labouring perfòns, to the matter and meafure of her diet, nor revile them as gluttons or fools if they like it not; no more mutt learn- ed men confine plain people to wordy Orations, (whether Learned or Pedantick) and fay, This is . belt for them : Much lefs mutt they filence cauflefly such Teachers as truly profit them, or tie them to Homilies or Liturgies only, and fay, Here is as mach as is ncceffary tofalvation : Nor is it any Schifîn in the people, if they refufè to be fo confined by them, and denied fuch helps to their falvation as God bath Pent them, and made their due. 4. Order is an excellent means of edification, and ofpreferving 21 uth, Charity and Peace : But it is but a Ivicans to the Ends of the things Or- dered, and the publick good : Therefore if-Order Mould be made the advantage of Herefie, Church- 7ÿranny or Iniquity, and be turned a- gainft the good ofChurch and Souls, (as it is in the Policy ofthe Roman Church,and in well or- dered Armies ofRebels,or filch as have unlaw. fill wars) this would make it no Schifin or fin to break Rich order. There notices interpofed,we .. That it bath been the Judgement of the