Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[ 60] were .Arians, or favoured the Arri ns : And as is aforefaid, the .Arians would have fubfcribed to all the Nicene Creed, (that Chrift is Light of Light, God of God, very God ofvery God, begot- ten, not made, till they came to that one word ótaoo-tos, Yea, Eufebius fubfcribed to that allo, and to the whole,vvho yet(notwithftanding Socrates's charitable excufe) is by his own Epiftle from that Council to his People, plainly proved to be an Arrian, as Petaviu"s hath fully manifefted:And yet how the Churches of the Eaft did common- ly cleave to their_ Paftors when Cenflanti ss and Valens eje&t;d them ; and how they refolutely refuted the impofed Bifhops, force as Arrians, and forne but as fufpeeled, faying, We have law- ful Bithops already, and how lifly they refuted to forbear their forbidden Meetings, and Pub- lick Worfhip with their former Paftors,hurch- hiflory puts us out of doubt. At?3anaßus oft flayed with his flock till ba- nned by violence by Confiantine, Confiantius and Valens: Eufathius Bifhop of Antioch did the like yea carne to the Imperial City Conftantinople, and there lived in f..cret to confirm the People and profurned to ordain . Patriarch of that City cho- fen againft the Emperours will : For when Eu do ie°3 was dead-, the orthodox people chofe a man of their own judgement, and reftd l Demophilus, , Sorr. 1.4. c. 13. Both the confi craror and the confecrated Bifhop flayed ivi h -hem till the Empero ;ir Pent fouldiers from Niconsed;a;to mffer'the people, and banifhed them both into f vera1 Cont. -,ies, and at once put fourfcore Prieffs todeath burning them in a