Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[59 1 tnoft honoured Ages ofthe Church, that it is no Schifm in the forenientioned Cafes, to cleave to the faithful Paftors that wereduly ordained and confented to, and to rèfufe fubjeaion to filch as lawful Princes have impofed in their Reads. i. That even in the Jewiíh State the Kings had not the Eleffion of all the Priefts and Le- vites (much lets the Prophets)is before proved ; though they had the, Government of them ac- cording to God's Laws. 2. That the Apoftles fent by Chrift performed their Office àgainft the will of the Roman and 7eivifh Rulers, is not denied. 3. And becaufe fome think that this was pro- per only to Apotles or men fent immediately by Chrift, we add, that it is not denied that this was the cafe of others in that Age: As Timothy, ( who is charged before God and Angels to Preach in feafon and out of feafon, 2 Tim. 4. x, 2.) Titus, Apollo, Silas, and fuch others; and of all the fetled Elders of the Churches, v.23, ?át, r. S. 2 7hpf. 5.12,13. lieb. r3.17,C-c. 4. And it is not denied that this was the cafe of all the ordinary Paftors for the firft three hundred years, under the unbelieving Emperors, And as is aforefzid, even these were Covernours of the Chriftian Pal}ors and Churches (who are commanded Rom. 13. to obey them.) and they wanted not Governing power, though in part they wanted aptitude to í-f it well; fo that Chri- ftians were to obey even Heathen Governóurs in lawful things. 5. And it is-undeniable that this was the judg- ment and cafe of the Fathers and Peoplé. oftl Church under thq Chriliian Ember (Airs that were