Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[ 70 1 and fore Anabaptifts are for hearing fuckPariffi Teachers as their Rulers (hall appoint, fò they may but commit the Paftoral care of-their fouls to fbch as they can better truft, and have Sacral itnents and f>ecial Church Communion free. 5. what great confufón doth it breed in London that the French and Dutch Churches thus differ from the reft, and have their proper modes and Government ? Yea or that the Nunconfbrmifts by the favour of his Majeífies Licenfes had their choice and feeral meetings, Let not envy and animofity feign greater con- flation than there is, and the matter will appear much otherwife than it is reprefented,even that the difèords and cor.fufions were incomparably lefs (on that occafon ) than they were under theBifhops in the better times of the (:httrches, even from nn. 400 to 6po,. of which more in due place, 6. They that will condemn all that bath in- conveniences, íhall condemn all things in this world : But the Greateft muff be noted and avoided firft. Shall the people have auy judg- ment of difcerning or not? If yea, the bounds of it mutf. be (hewed, and not, the thing dcnyed as if it mutt bring in all confufion. If Uliirpers (claim the Crown, the Subje'ts muff judge which is their true King,and mutt defend'his right.Will you fay, :lithe people be Judges, they may fet up Uíèirpers, and put down the King ? They are but difcerners of that which is before their du. ty. They have no right to erre, nor to alter the Law or right But if it be otherwife, they are to be ruled as brutes : And fo mutt not judge fo Yi.3.ici1 as whom hey muft obey. Is there any Çhriftian