Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

C7= Chriftian that dare fay, that B:flops or Princes are in all things to be obeyed , left the people be made Judges ? And fo that under Heathen, Mahometan, Papiíf, Heretical Rulers, they molt be all of their Religion, as to the external pro- felling and praftifRg part? None dare for fhame fay fo, lave an Infidel. Is not this a greater con- fufion or michief than that which is now difpu- ted again ft : Therefore the bounds muft be let on both fides, which are not difficult todifcern As the people have property in theft limbs,chil- dren and, liberties, and acquifitions antecedently to humane Government,which is to order there, and not to deftroy them ; fo have all men grea- ter intereft in the fafety of their own fouls, which no man can take from them ; no nor is it in their juft power to put it into the hands of others from thernfelves. If Hereticks, blind guides, or faithlefs men, or infuflicient, be made Paftors of the Flocks, and all men commanded to hear no better, nor truft the Paftoral Con- duct oftheir fouls into any wirer or fafer hands, Satan will be more gratified by ir, than by the diforder of the peoples chufing their own fpiri- tuai Councillors, Tutors and Phyficians. And when Church communion is due to none but voluntary accepters, men fhould not be ufed fca as to take it fill againft their wills, and to be as it were crammed and drencht with facred Ivly- feries, 8e driven to take them againft their con- fciences and wills from filch as they think they cannot communicate with, without being guilt?' of their fin : When fome Councils have owned Pope Nicholas's decree, that no man ought to hear the Mafs from a fornicating Friar ; much F 4 lef4