Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

72, Ii 5 -; from men that are far more Liable to excep4- tion`', To this I may add, that as in divers cafes the Canons and Decrees forbad hearing fume Prielts, and allowed feveral Churches in the Came ground, f®. they feern to give that Paftor a right ') the Conduel of the People,who was the chief Converter òf them from Infidelity or Herefie And hence was the Popes Controverfie with the ("`rec, s about the Bulgarians; and his claim to the Church ofErglrand, and Many others, becaure he laid his MifftonarieS converted them. J (hall fiiecially note here, that the old Canons fsnt by .1iJdrian to Carons Mag. recited by Canzftis and Binitts, fay, C" That ¿co'one tit pray zrith Here- "c ricks' or SchifmaticIc ] and fo nor with Papif- " Bifhops that are the greareft Schifmaricks by " dividing Irnpolitions [That if a B>jhop fix c` 7onths ofer admonition of other B,/hepr neglec` to na,, e Catholicis of the people ( multitudes E` then being Heathens and Rereticks) belovginn to hisfeat, :any other /hail obtain them thatfat, ¶` d-liver them from their Heref°. ]Yet the Bifhop not depofed, but another Bithop> and Church the néwConverts fet up in his Precinas, and f) a Church gathered in the Precirc`ts of ano- trier Church,' and Bifhop. And fb Gregory Na- i.ianz.en did long preach as their Paftor in a final] Church in Conftantinople, before he had poffèf$ion ofthe Cathedra! ; the pedp1e claiming him for their 'profit'ing by his teaching ; and l heodsigiv gave him theCathedral as merited by (ì ccefs. And in the aid oldCanons, c, 19. its raid, that .roars (which then were every u poration and the Suburbs or \'i .lages)r«ic hic " want