Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

76 not be ordained by Lucius; not becaufe he was an .Arian, but becaufe he was a perfecutor, and hurtful to other men for Religion, and fo he would be ordained Prielt by forne that were banifhed to a certain Mountain, Socr. 1, 4. c. 29 When the Emperour was gone from Antioch (where in perfon he went to d ifj)erfe their Meetings, and yet they held on) the people thruft out Lucius whom he had fet up, and fèt up Peter again whom the Emperour had banilL- ed. But fuch inftances are too many to be re- cited. Yea under Orthodox Princes, the people would cleave to their injured Paftors, though againft the Emperours will, as they of /Wane did to Ambrofe ; and the Zoannites to Chr°yfoftoan, who even long after his death feparated from the Bithop, and kept up their feparare Meetings againft the will of Prince and Prelates, till mil- der Bifhops infteadofperfecuting them, reftored C:hryfoltom's bones and name to honour, and re- conciled them. It will ftill be objected, as be- fore, that molt of there inftances were but the peóples rejection of Arrians : But again, we an- fwer I. In other inftances, they ufually chore their Paftors, and cleaved to them, though prohibited. 2. Thefe Arrians were filch as fub- fcribed the Ariminum Creed, which was fo am- biguoufly compiled, that abundance that re- nounced Ariuc, did think that for obedience and peace they might put a fair fence on the words, and fo fubfcribe them : And we meet with per- funs in our times, that think words impofed on them by Superiours, may and mutt endure retching to a fente as far from their ufual accep- tation, as the forefaid words were ftretched by the